March 2017 Dividend Income

Well, March is over and it’s time to report on our monthly dividend and passive income.

Aside from my speculative purchase of SSI, which you can read about in my post, it was a fairly normal month for us.

We contributed $125 through our brokerage account, and collected a few dividends.

March Dividend Totals

This month we had 3 stocks that paid out dividends. DNP, ARCC, and BAC, for a grand total of $21.36, which you can see in this table here.

Believe it or not, that’s a new record for us! It also represents a 142.41% increase over last March, so I’m still pleased with it!

When you’re starting out as slowly as we are, you have to focus on and celebrate small accomplishments. We’ll make up for it after I’ve graduated from school, but for right now any victory is still a victory.

With the dividends we received in March, our total dividend income for 2017 now stands at $107.79, up 244.36% from where we were this time last year. Unfortunately, I have to be realistic and recognize an improvement like that is a fairly easy number to hit when you’re starting from basically nothing.

Checking on our yearly goal to receive $400 dollars in dividend income this year, we are just under 27% of the way towards that number. Given that we’re 25% of the way through the year, that means that we’re right on track, which is good news.

In June, I’ll make another purchase that should increase our forward dividend income, and hopefully, that will push us up over our goal by a healthy margin.

Again, I realize that these numbers are relatively small, but they’re important to me because that’s money that I didn’t have to work for, and it’s money that will keep growing until one day it will be great enough that it could support us financially.

There’s an old Haitian proverb that comes to mind: “Little by little the bird builds his nest.”

One diligent step at a time is all it’s going to take to get there.

2 thoughts to “March 2017 Dividend Income”

  1. Congrats on hitting a new record for dividend income. It’s always nice seeing those totals grow and grow. Have you considered looking at more “traditional” dividend growth stocks instead of depending on very high yielding funds, BDCs, REITs and the like? While getting a yield of 7%, 8% or more might be nicer than say a 2% or 3% yield those high yielding stocks often do not raise dividends and are more prone to cuts. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the comment and encouragement! I have been looking at diversifying away from BDCs and REITs like you suggested, primarily because I’ve experienced two cuts already. I plan to diversify into different sectors, but I don’t want to sell our current holdings to do so since we’ve already achieved decent capital appreciation and they pay enough dividends that I’m willing to tolerate the risk for now.

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