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I hope you’ve gotten something useful out of your time on Finding Wealthy, but I know that I’m not the be all end all of investing and entrepreneurship. If you’re looking for a little more information, I highly recommend the following blogs and websites.

Dividend Investing:

Dividend Diplomats

What I Like:

Dividend Diplomats is run by two young professionals who take turns writing content, so you don’t have to wait too long for updates and you don’t have to get tired of either one of them. My favorite feature is the monthly dividend update where they compile the dividend income for their entire blogroll. It’s a great way to keep track of where everyone is.


What I Like:

I don’t know if DivHut came up with this idea or borrowed it from someone else, but I love that he’s listed a watchlist of stocks that he’s looking to purchase. It can be pretty fun to find out that someone else is interested in buying the same stocks you’re thinking about buying. You’ll find that here, in addition to great information about the principles of dividend investing.

Passive Income Dude

What I Like:

PID has his hand in a few pies: he invests in the stock market for dividend income, owns three rental properties, and was involved in peer lending, although he is winding that down. He has a very logical and easy to follow investment philosophy.

Race to Retirement

What I Like:

Race to Retirement has the stated goal of reaching $3,000 a month in dividend and passive income in 3,000 days. So far, R2R is approximately 700 days towards that goal and has already reached $2,500 a month in dividend income. That’s awesome, but the part I’m actually most excited for is to see how much income R2R will be bringing in, since he’s well on his way to obtaining his goal far in advance of 3,000 days.

Retire by 40

What I Like:

The best thing about Retire by 40 is that Joe is already reaping the benefits of wise investment decisions. He’s been retired and living a financially independent life since 2012, is very generous with sharing his insight, and has a great voice that really comes out when you read his articles. You’ll be glad you took the time to find out what he has to say.

Real Estate:


What I Like:

Bigger Pockets is a great place to learn about and get excited by the prospect of real estate. Although sometimes members act as if there are no risks in real estate, the site itself emphasizes the importance of learning and continuing to educate yourself so that you don’t make costly mistakes. I also recommend you check out the Bigger Pockets podcast.



What I Like:

Unlike some of the subs you find on Reddit, r/Entrepreneur is a professional environment that welcomes the beginning entrepreneur without losing the wealth of experience and expertize that more seasoned entrepreneurs bring. One of the ways they do so is through weekly threads based on certain topics, like Noob Monday or Wantrepreneur Wednesday. They also have a collection of resources that is hard to match.