Who am I?

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This isn’t my rock, but I thought it was good advice.

My name is a secret, but I’m a married father of one who is working on finishing a master’s degree in accounting.

You might ask yourself what would possess someone to decide to dedicate their life to accounting, a terribly boring subject.

First, how dare you call accounting boring?!

Nothing is more engaging than plodding through a trial balance.

In seriousness, the reason I’m studying accounting is because I grew up on welfare. I struggled socially growing up and felt deeply inferior to my wealthier friends.

In high school, I started reading about business and money and decided that I wanted to do what it took to make sure that I would be financially successful.

I was determined to make sure that my kids and grandkids would never have to face what I did. I want to make sure that my own kids will grow up and have a life entirely different than my own, but I know that I need to put in the work now to make that happen.

My goal is to document my investment ideas, business startup attempts, and failures so that I can help others to travel the same path as I am.

Long term, I want to be an entrepreneur and teach others about wealth management and personal finance. I think a lack of financial knowledge is one of the biggest causes of misery in our country.

But first I need to get myself on track and build my net worth so that I can be financially independent. You can’t rescue someone when you’re already drowning.

What is Finding Wealthy?

Finding Wealthy is my way of sharing what I already know about personal finance. I aim to be transparent about my successes and failures.

I’m also kind of sarcastic, so don’t be alarmed if you read something I’ve written and it comes off as snarky.

Look past it:

Finding Wealthy is a site dedicated to the pursuit of long-term and sustainable wealth. I think that there are several ways to accomplish this, so you shouldn’t expect me to only talk about one thing.

Right now, I’m mostly focused on dividend growth investing, although I’ll regularly write about real estate, entrepreneurship, and frugal living.

I’m also interested in legal ways of avoiding and minimizing your tax burden, so I’ll probably bring that up more than most personal finance bloggers. I hope you’ll find what I have to say about the subject valuable and entertaining. If not, feel free to skip to some of my other posts and pretend it never happened.

I view Finding Wealthy as a way to document the things I’m learning, so if you have something you can teach me, please reach out and let me know. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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